9 Signs He Is Gay

When you’re really attracted to a man, it can be hard to tell if he’s attracted to you — especially if he doesn’t know if he’s gay. Even a sexpert like myself has been blindsided by a boyfriend’s (or two) sexuality. But just like cheaters, there are some tell-tale signs if he’s homosexual. So, look out for the red flags that show he should be waving a rainbow one.

bisexual gay men

1. Fire Starter: You always make the first move.

2. Action Figure: The only women whose hotness he comments on look like Barbie dolls. It’s just too convenient to say you’re only attracted to exactly what society tells you to be into.

3. T&A: He may go to your booty, but you have to take him by the hand to lead him to the Promised Land.

4. Q&A: You’ve wondered, “Is he gay?” After getting to know him, most of your friends would say, “YES!”

5. Private Eyes: When close to another man, he’ll stare at his body. For example, he’ll watch the waiter’s gun show when he drops off your plates.

6. Excuses, Excuses: He typically dates women who aren’t interested in sex, are so insecure they easily internalize a lack of physical contact, or are virgins.

7. Talk Is Cheap: He is really vocal about objectifying women in obvious, yet awkward ways. “Look at that ass — yeah, boy, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

8. Loose Lips: When he’s drunk, he jokes around about how everyone thinks he’s gay. But when he’s sober, he would take that accusation seriously.

9. Step It Up: All of his sex moves seem straight out of a magazine’s advice column. It just feels like he’s pushing buttons in exact order rather than enjoying himself.

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